PHOTO ESSAY:  Cooperstown, N.Y. - 2005
September 12, 2005

Two years ago, my wife and I took my daughter (then 15-months-old) on her first trip to Cooperstown, New York, to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.  

Seven and a half months later, our second child (a son) was born.  Even though we joke at times that my son was there for that trip in 2003 - and we just didn't know it at the time - we wanted him to have "his first Cooperstown trip" at about the same age as his sister.  (And, if the birth-math there seems a little strange, it's because my son was born four weeks early - which was not a shock to us as his sister came six week early.  What can I say?  My kids have that "why put off for tomorrow what you can do today" attitude.)

So, the four of us  - my wife, my now 3-year-old daughter and sixteen-and-a-half month old son, and I - took another journey to Cooperstown from September 7th through September 9th of 2005.  What follows below are some photos from this recent outing.

We stayed at "The Cooper Inn" (above).  In fact, we had the same rooms in 2005 as we did in 2003 - which was familiar and fun.  Personally, this was the third time that I've been there in the last 25 years - and each time was a wonderful stay.  I highly recommend "The Cooper Inn."

For the friends of, below are some photographs of Yankees-related items that we saw at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Holy Cow!  This is one of the first exhibits that you see when you walk into the museum.  This is one of the "cows" that was on the streets of Manhattan a few years back when they had that exhibit of different cows scattered about the city.

Here's my son, seemingly not very interested in a "present day" Yankees exhibit.  Interestingly, a Roger Clemens autographed pitching rubber and an Aaron Boone bat are in the locker.  Maybe that's what threw off my boy?


Above are a catcher's mitt and mask, and batting helmet, all used by Thurman Munson.  The mitt and mask are "on loan" from Stick Michael.  I know that Munson and Michael were close back in the day - if I recall correctly, they had an Kent State connection.  Still, I found in interesting that Stick had this memorabilia.

This is Phil Rizzuto's glove.  Just imagine how many hot dogs and rubber snakes, etc., were stuffed in that when they used to leave their gloves on the field.

The above ball is from the last "no hitter" thrown against the Yankees - on June 11, 2003.  It was included in the Houston Astros "present day" exhibit.  Let the record stand that it takes six pitchers to "no hit" the Yankees.

Here's my daughter and I in front of Mickey Mantle's Hall of Fame plaque.  Whenever I sing "I love Mickey. Mickey who? You know who!" she'll follow me with "Mickey with the light brown bat!"  She's probably the only three-year-old today who knows some lyrics to a Teresa Brewer song.

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