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July 15, 2007

Toying Around...Thinking About Future Yankees Needs

The Yankees BA/OBA/SLG/BABIP stats this season, against different types of pitchers:

Vs. Power Pitchers: .248/.334/.390/.288
The league average: .245/.327/.385/.293

Vs. Finesse Pitchers: .307/.374/.470/.330
The league average: .287/.346/.447/.309

Vs. Average Power/Finesse Pitchers: .282/.358/.466/.304
The league average: .264/.334/.415/.295

The numbers suggest that the Yankees are about league average against Power Pitchers and slightly above average against Finesse Pitchers and Average Power/Finesse Pitchers - so far, this season.

I would chalk this up to the batting-eye factor. Finesse Pitchers work the corners, etc., more often and the Yankees batters, on the whole, don't chase that often. The stats also back-up the suggestion that the Yankees, against Power Pitchers who pound the strikezone, lose their edge - in terms of being an above average offensive team. Against hard-throwers with control, the Yankees are just a league-average offensive team. (See the 2006 ALDS for more on this.)

Teams like the Mariners, Twins, A's, Red Sox and Indians are realizing that Power Pitchers who pound the strikezone are the way to go - to have a good team.

Perhaps the Yankees, along with getting their own Power Pitchers who pound the strikezone, should start looking towards getting some batters into the line-up who offset Power Pitchers who pound the strikezone?

Posted by Steve Lombardi at July 15, 2007 08:29 AM