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July 20, 2007

July 20th vs. The Devil Rays


Let's start at the top. Mike Mussina has to show a better effort than what we saw in tonight's game. Yes, I'll charge his first two runs allowed to Bobby Abreu - for shying away from the wall, allowing a flyball to become an extra basehit, and, for making a piss-poor throw when he had the ball in his hand as Runs-like-a-Catcher Navarro was just hitting third (and he still could not throw him out at the plate).

But, that moon shot from Upton was all Mussina. And, the melt-down in the fifth was all Mussina. (I can't blame Edwar Ramirez for having no control in this game. What could anyone expect - it's been close to two weeks since Torre allowed him to pitch in a game? Of course, he's going to be very rusty.)

Actually, the bottom of the third tonight told us everything that you need to know about the Yankees in this game - and maybe this season. Mussina throws about a million pitches in the top of the third - and he's out there for a half-hour or something like that. In the bottom of the frame, Damon and Jeter go down on something like three pitches - and then A-Rod comes to the plate. Does he take a pitch or two to give Mussina some time to rest? No. Alex swings at the first pitch and grounds to third - inning over in something like three minutes and Mussina has to get his tired arm back up on the hill.

Great teamwork and heads-up baseball there, huh?

And, didn't Edwin Jackson have a 1-9 record and an ERA of 7.14 coming into this game? I'm sorry, but, a winner of a team takes a guy like that and just eats him up...they don't allow him to post a doughnut over six innings.

Also, while I want to say "Lastly, have we seen enough of Brian Bruney?" Instead, I'll say "Lastly, here's the 'good' news - Igawa and DeSalvo are pitching tomorrow!"

P.S. - Shelly Duncan = Mike Blowers.

Sorry, it's that kind of a night in Yankeeland.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at July 20, 2007 10:24 PM


This whole season has been a tease. When they have an extended winning streak, they start to get complacent and start to lose again.

After tomorrow's doubleheader, I wouldn't be shocked if they were back at .500.

Posted by: Andrew [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 20, 2007 10:51 PM

Tomorrow is going to be a train wreck. Feel free to join me in my drinking game: every time Igawa gives up a home run, take a shot. We'll be drunk by the second inning.

Yeah, Moose sucked tonight, but what does it matter? The Yankees can't hit Edwin Jackson, the punching bag of MLB. Even in that last game they didn't hit him all that hard. A big error by J.B. Upton turned the game around. And before that, when he was pitching out of the 'pen, he shut them down. The Yankees seem unable to hit guys with plus-velocity fastballs with a little movement on them.

The tragedy of the night is poor Eddie Ramirez, no doubt shattered and ruined thanks to Joe Fuckhead. Who didn't see this coming a mile away? Hell, we've talked about it and discussed it a million times. And what exactly was Joe waiting for to get him out of the game? Was the grand slam not enough?

The worst part is that Eddie is more than likely going back to AAA to make room for DeSalvo. So Torre lets him rot for two weeks, he comes into a game, has NO control (which is understandable), gives up a grand slam, and then has to go back down. Would it be all that surprising if his head was totally twisted right now? I hope Torre hasn't ruined him long term.

I saw Shelly a few times in Trenton -- I don't remember him swinging so hard he came out of his shoes. He looked a little jacked-up to me. We should probably reserve judgement on him for a few games.

Posted by: baileywalk [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 20, 2007 11:53 PM

Joe "ruins" a guy who was dropped twice by the same team and gives up a home run to one of the worst hitters in MLB. Give me a break.

Edwar should have gotten more play in the last two weeks, and deserves better than this in the end, but if you can't throw a single strike, you reap what you sow. Simple as that.

Posted by: Max [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 21, 2007 12:29 AM

Joe "ruins" a guy who was dropped twice by the same team and gives up a home run to one of the worst hitters in MLB. Give me a break.

I don't need to defend who Ramirez is. His numbers this year speak for themselves. Sometimes you move beyond your past, you know.

Posted by: baileywalk [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 21, 2007 01:17 AM

~~~The Yankees seem unable to hit guys with plus-velocity fastballs with a little movement on them.~~~

The stats back this up:


Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 21, 2007 08:31 AM