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February 09, 2007

Alex Not "Being Manny"

Inside The Monster makes a case where Manny and A-Rod are alike (and where they should be more the same).

Take it from this diehard Yankees fan. I've seen A-Rod hit and I've seen Manny hit. They are not the same. Manny is 112% the hitter that A-Rod is, overall - and much more dangerous in the big spot.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at February 9, 2007 08:16 PM


and yet in all other aspects of the game (fielding, baserunning) A-Rod is much better, but let's not factor that in the comparison, it might make A-Rod seem better.

Posted by: Nick from Washington Heights [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 9, 2007 08:58 PM

we get it man, you don't like a-rod. but if he has a big year and you start to sing his praise, then you are just as bad as all of the other narrow-minded what-have-you-done-for-me-lately yankee fans.

i love your blog, and i agree with almost all of your points of view, but this vendetta against alex is getting tiresome.

Posted by: adam [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 01:16 AM

Adam, actually, I'm an A-Rod fan. See:


for more on that.

If you see A-Rod brought up here a lot, it's because he's in the news a lot. I comment on what's in the news. If I chose to ignore the A-Rod news, I would have a lot less to write about here.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 08:43 AM

Sorry Steve, but I can't accept that you're an A-Rod fan. Your comments on Alex virtually always put him down. With the season about to start, your A-Rod should leave posts are coming fast & furious -- and starting to make this blog unreadable.

Posted by: rbj [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 09:47 AM

How many times in the last month have I said that A-Rod "should leave?" How many times in the last three months?

Did I *ever* say he should leave? Maybe? But, I don't recall making it the mission statement of this blog.

Do I get on his case? Sure. Because he's always in the news, or fails in the clutch, etc. But, I would do that to any Yankee player if that were the case.

I think some people just like to call me an A-Rod basher because I won't kiss his fanny. Know what? I'm not a fanny kisser - unless the guy has earned it. I can't kiss someone's behind just because he wears a Yankees uniform. Never have, never will.

It that makes this blog unreadable, I'm sorry.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 10:19 AM

Further, look at the last 10 entries by me to this blog. It was stories on Cashman, Bernie, Yankee Stadium, Clippard, Bauer, Stengel, Yankees Bloggers, Melky and Damon - and one directly on A-Rod.

OK, maybe the Cashman one and Blogger one also tied to A-Rod.

There's a lot more to be found here than just stories on A-Rod.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 10:29 AM

Cutting off at the last 10 topics was convenient. I see the 3 posts before that were about Arod though. 5 of 13. I guess we're "lucky" someone died to get the Arod ratio down.

Your blog, your choice, and your 'site hits' show Arod stories are popular.

But for me, it's tiring. I've donated to your site in the past but this love-hate / obsession for one player in a team game makes me not come as often and I don't leave posts any longer.

Posted by: RICH [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 11:46 AM

I'll give this much to A-Rod -- he engenders unbelievable love/faith/admiration in people. Whenever anyone says anything negative about him -- even if it's objective and legit -- they get pounded by his supporters who roll out the same lazy old line: "You hate A-Rod."

I've gotten this on here before, too. Why do you have to hate A-Rod if you think he stresses in the big moment or isn't the hitter Manny is or if you think it would have benefited the team to trade him? It's just another opinion. I find nothing more irritating than when people can't accept a different point of view -- it's basically the foundation of the blogs we write/comment on.

I don't mind that A-Rod supporters do what their names imply and defend their boy; I just don't understand why it comes with this tone of "you hate A-Rod and everything you say is tainted and unreasonable and you're a complete effin' jerk." Saying something negative about A-Rod doesn't equal hating him.

Posted by: baileywalk [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 12:04 PM

~~~Saying something negative about A-Rod doesn't equal hating him.~~~

Thank you. I'm glad that someone gets it.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 12:49 PM

even if it's objective and legit
Problem is, the criticism isn't objective & legit. People go out of their way to dog him. The book signing fiasco is the latest incident. How someone can turn releasing a children's book into a negative event is beyond me.

Posted by: Raf [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 12:54 PM

Exactly Raf.

Posted by: Tarnished [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 10, 2007 06:02 PM