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July 17, 2006

July 17th vs. The Mariners

On May 25th of last year, I suggested that we should start calling Chien-Ming Wang "Obi Wang." I know that people liked that - because I've seen references to it in many places since that suggestion was first made here.

Still, on May 17th of this year, I wrote about Chien-Ming Wang:

Chien-Ming Wang is now there for me as well - because he is an absolute ground-ball freak. I love to watch him pitch just to see all those grounders. I'm not sure if the stats point to someone else - and I really don't care, to be honest - because my eyes tell me and my heart believes it - there's no one better in the game now at getting ground-ball after ground-ball.

And, no one can stop him.

Mr. Wang-der-full, the Grounder King, having it his way. Long live the king!

And, I've repeated the "Mr. Wang-der-full" reference, here, at least four times since my first mention of it this past May.

But, now, I think it's time to move past Obi Wang and Mr. Wang-der-full.

Chien-Ming Wang, after coming through again tonight, saving his teammates, the game, and the Yankees place in the standings, with grounder-after-grounder, deserves an even bigger nickname.

From now on, he's "Worm Killer" Wang to me.

I was going to borrow from Bob Ferguson and suggest "Death to Crawling Things" Wang - but, I like the angle of having "Killer" in the nickname (because that's what Wang is on the mound).

Lastly, why do I think that A-Rod's big left toe is going to be, over the next few days, the most talked about hallux since Sergeant Hulka?

Posted by Steve Lombardi at July 17, 2006 11:01 PM


If anyone watched Baseball Tonight on ESPN, they started with the Knoblauch talk. It's unbelievable how badly everyone from the national media to the average Yankee fan overreacts to everything about ARod. If I were him, I'd hate everyone. It's a credit to him that he doesn't.

It's only too bad that no matter what, this story will build up steam and create another feeding frenzy around the morons that hate ARod for their own ridiculous reasons.

Posted by: MJ [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 18, 2006 08:34 AM

Worm Killer. I like that. If you don't mind, Steve, I think I may use that (with the appropriate link back to you of course).

Posted by: Jen [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 18, 2006 09:31 AM

Go for it Jen!

MJ - did you see Alex on the YES post-game last night? I think it is getting to him.

When they asked him why so many errors in this game, when he was so good last year, he said "What about yesterday, I was good yesterday." in a snappy fashion.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 18, 2006 10:22 AM

Of course it's getting to him, as it would get to anyone that constantly had to answer ridiculous quesions. We're not treating ARod the way we treat Jeter or others. This isn't about winning titles or the built-up trust, this is about something I can't put my finger on but it's not legitimate or baseball-related. On Sunday, ARod made some great plays and hit a big homer to put us up for good. On the same day, Jeter made an error that could've cost the Yankees the game. No one said a peep.

I'm not going to get into the booing topic again because that's sort of irrelevant in this conversation. But I will say that when other players have an especially bad game, the fans and writers simply move on. With this guy, we harp and harp and harp and try to overanalyze everything.

I hate the feeding frenzy of New York. Unfortunately I've contributed to it by even responding here. Until there's something else to talk about, I'll keep my mouth closed on this topic. ARod is going to be fine and he's not the second coming of Chuck Knoblauch. Jeez.

Posted by: MJ [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 18, 2006 10:34 AM