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July 18, 2005

Mark Redman

I keep reading that the Yankees are interested in the Pirates' LHP Mark Redman.

I've had some opinions on Redman in the past - mostly subjective - and, I've decided to take another look at him now since the Yankees, reportedly, are interested in him.

Redman was a first-rounder for the Twins back in 1995. Since then, he's been a journeyman - pitching for the Twins, Tigers, Marlins, A's and Pirates in the last 5 years. Yes, that's 5 teams in 5 seasons - and, if the Yankees get him, that would make it six in five. (I guess that means he's wanted?)

Redman does not throw hard. But, he's been durable the last 4 seasons - including this year - and has decent control of the strike zone. Basically, he'll give you 6 innings and allow around 3 runs in those six, on a good day.

While that's not an ace, such a pitcher is exactly what the Yankees could use at this point. A rotation of Johnson, Mussina, Redman, Brown/Pavano and Leiter would allow the Yankees to go left, right, left, right and left - which is always nice.

If the price is not too high, I recommend that the Yankees get Redman. Andy Phillips, one up? Do it. But, I would not trade a Sean Henn, or a Philip Hughes, etc., for Redman.

Now, the Pirates might try and throw in Matt Lawton, and try and get the Yankees to then part with a Hughes and more. That would be a mistake, in my opinion. Lawton is just about average and not worth enough to bring cause to give up your prospects in such a deal.

If Cashman is smart, he'll point out to the Pirates that Redman's ERA in July, to date, is 7.88, and work that angle to drive home the deal for a lesser prospect, like Phillips.

We'll see in within the next two weeks.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at July 18, 2005 12:03 PM


League average innings-eater. And he's a lefty. Get him. If the price isn't too high, of course.

Lawton may be a throw in. I'd suggest the Yanks throw him out (:

Posted by: Raf at July 18, 2005 01:32 PM

All I really know about Redman is he was the only guy on Fla's staff that we could hit in the '03 series. That's not to say he can't help us. Maybe he'll be the reverse of Pavano.

Posted by: josh at July 18, 2005 01:53 PM