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May 06, 2005

May 6th vs. The A's

This is starting to take depressing to another level. I'm surprised that one of those YES Ultimate Road Trip people hasn't checked themselves into the loony bin by now.

Before the first pitch tonight, I thought I saw something. With the start slightly delayed, the TV cameras focused on the Yankees dugout. Guys were slapping each other, doing the fist, etc., and I thought I saw some energy and upbeat players.

Then, through the first seven innings of the game, that optimism disappeared. But, it made a comeback in the 8th, albeit short-lived.

By the 10th inning, well, there just aren't words. Kaat said it best when he said (something like) "Just when you thought you had hit the lowest of lows, it gets lower." I guess that's why they pay Kitty and not me - he's able to find the words.

So many of the "old guard" had a hand in this one - Mo (walking the 9th place hitter to start the 10th?), Jeter with a muff, Tino with a boot and a bad throw, and, Posada........Oh, my stars and garters, will someone please put a leash on Jorge when he's on 2nd base? Watching tonight was like watching an old, past his prime, fighter get slugged around in a ring he had no business being in.

And, while it was not a factor in this game, having two players on the active roster who cannot play the field is going to cost the Yankees a game very soon. When Phillips moved to LF, what would have happened if he, Matsui, or Sheff got tossed from the game or injured? Rey Sanchez to the OF? That's about all that was left.

Prediction: If the Yankees losses equal the new number (22) on Cano's back before they win their 12th game, at least two members of the Yankees braintrust will be fired. Maybe more than two.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at May 6, 2005 10:32 PM


sure- go ahead with the firings.

but if ever there was one time you can point to the players and say..."THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT"- then this is it.

when you have a 200 billion dollar payroll and a lineup full of allstars...I can not blame Torre, Cashman, Stein, Mel, Mattingly or Girardi.

Players fault...110% their fault...they have no life in them..if they need Torre to get fired to wake up...then the problems are even bigger.

remember last year how many times we came from behind? I guess those were warning signs for 2005.

Posted by: Phil at May 7, 2005 10:31 AM

I dunno........when you have Jeter, Sheffield, and A-Rod performing, and Unit, Pavano, and Mussina pitching OK, and you're in last, many, many, games under .500, then I think the MGR has to be held up to the light too.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at May 7, 2005 07:42 PM

thats 6 players out of 25...less than 25% of the team...even the D-Rays have that many players who are performing.

the only thing I fault torre on is changing up the lineup...he should have left it alone and just had some patience

then again- maybe he was getting the squeeze from above to do something...

Posted by: Phil at May 8, 2005 01:37 AM

Hey Steve

I was doing some research into Right-handed fielding first baseman and Tino Martinez came in as second-best in history behind Vic Power. Wonder why he never got the fielding credit he deserved

Posted by: Wahoo Sam at May 10, 2005 02:06 PM