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July 24, 2007

Looking For Yankee Stadium Stories

Have you ever been to Yankee Stadium? Do you go to Yankee Stadium often?

Related, do you have an interesting story about a time when you were at the Stadium? Maybe you were there for a famous game? Or, maybe you once saw something there that you’ll always remember for some particular reason – because it was wacky or moving? Perhaps you once went to a game and that day will now always have great personal meaning to you? Maybe you have learned some tricks about getting to and around the Stadium through the years that you think are special? Have you noticed a change in the Stadium “experience” through the years? Do you have a Yankee Stadium foul and/or homerun ball story? Have you ever been ejected from Yankee Stadium? What sections of Yankee Stadium have you sat in that you enjoyed the most – and/or the least?

It seems that most Yankees fans have at least one “Yankee Stadium” story – heck, I have more than I can count – how about you?

If you have a “Yankee Stadium” story, and you’re willing to share it for a project that I’m looking into, please send me an e-mail to author [at] baseballsamegame [dot] com

And, if you know of anyone else who has a good Stadium tale, please do pass this request along to them. Thanks.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at July 24, 2007 11:00 AM