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June 17, 2006

A-Rod: Donnie Can Fix Me

From the AP:

All was not lost for Alex Rodriguez during his 1-for-5 game with three strikeouts Friday night. He says he and Yankees hitting coach Don Mattingly discovered a mechanical flaw causing Rodriguez's recent slump.

"We figured it out, and I am going to be working with Donnie a little bit. It's a relief to know what it is," the All-Star third baseman said after New York's 7-5 victory at the Washington Nationals.

Rodriguez said the problem was "too technical" to explain, adding: "At least we have our finger on it."

"It's not mental. I was so excited for those two at-bats, probably a little to excited," Rodriguez said, referring to the final two strikeouts. "I really enjoyed the at-bats, just didn't enjoy the results."

"The relief is knowing that there is an issue and we are going to address it, versus just struggling and feeling like you are lost. That is not good," he said.

"When you have a mechanical thing, you have to address it."

So, now, if the slump continues, does that mean that it's Mattingly's fault?

OK, seriously, I would love to know what "mechanical flaw" can cause the greatest player in the game to hit like the second coming of Ross Moschitto. Maybe we could bottle it - and send it to Manny Ramirez with a note that says "Drink me"?

Posted by Steve Lombardi at June 17, 2006 10:09 AM



Posted by: pokeefe [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 17, 2006 11:44 AM

During the Nats' broadcast last night, Tom Paciorek, of all people, implied that A-Rod might have even better career numbers if not for the leg-hitch prior to his swing. Judging from some of his other comments, me thinks Paciorek may have also been drunk. So take this all with a huge grain of salt.

Posted by: brockdc [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 17, 2006 01:51 PM