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April 29, 2006

April 29th vs. The Blue Jays

There are many things that one could focus on from today's game - Damon's power and hustle, Unit's issues, Sheffield's injuries - but, to me, here's the most important thing:

With a win tomorrow, and if the Devil Rays can beat a tired Curt Schilling, then the New York Yankees will head into the month of May, and a two game series in Fenway Park, tied for first place with the Boston Red Sox. Sure, there's a few moving parts to this plan - but, it's not impossible.

Yankees-Sox on Monday. Damon's return to Boston. And, first place at stake. Wow, what's a fan of Prison Break to do? Actually, it's a no brainer. Really. I did say it was Yankees-Sox, right? There will be a whole week following the Fenway games to watch Prison Break on tape.

And, for those worried about the ol' "I hate it when they score a ton because that means they're going to hardly score at all tomorrow" thing, check out (going back a bit) each time that the Yankees scored at least 13 runs in a win. What happened each time on the next day? (Note: We're only using dates where there was a game the very next day.) The results:

4/3/06 - Won 15-2. Next day, lost 4-3.
9/13/05 - Won 17-3. Next day, won 6-5.
7/4/05 - Won 13-8. Next day, won 12-3.
5/14/05 - Won 15-6. Next day, won 6-4.
4/18/05 - Won 19-8. Next day, lost 6-2.
9/18/04 - Won 14-1. Next day, won 11-1.
8/28/04 - Won 18-6. Next day, lost 6-4.
8/19/04 - Won 13-10. Next day, lost 5-0.
5/27/04 - Won 18-5. Next day, won 7-5.

Just three times (out of 9 times) did they struggle to post some runs. Thus, there's little reason to sweat about Mussina not getting any run support tomorrow. (And, don't forget, the Jays' Gustavo ChacĂ­n has an ERA of 5.11 heading into the game. That will help some as well.)

Posted by Steve Lombardi at April 29, 2006 11:00 PM