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December 06, 2005

Yankees Trade Bait

In reality, what do the Yankees have to offer anyone this week in a trade?

In terms of prospects, there's Eric Duncan, Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Sean Henn, Matt DeSalvo, Marcos Vechionacci, Christian Garcia, Tyler Clippard, Steven White, Jose Tabata, Jeff Marquez, C.J. Henry, J. Brent Cox, Matt Smith, Jeff Karstens, Zach Kroenke, David Seccombe, Mike Martinez, Brett Gardner, Lance Pendleton, Kevin Thompson, Jonathan Poterson, T.J. Beam and Austin Jackson.

The problem with this group is that the "keepers" are too good to let go and the "suspects" are not anyone who is going to make a rival G.M. say "Yes!" to a deal.

In terms of "more major league ready," the Yankees have the following who could be traded: Jorge Posada, Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright, Scott Proctor, Jaret Wright, Andy Phillips, Jorge De Paula, Bubba Crosby and Tony Womack.

Pavano is the only one in that group that anyone would want - but, Brian Cashman says he's not looking to trade him.

Lastly, there are the "who would want them" guys like Felix Escalona, Kevin Reese, Jason Anderson, Wil Nieves, Colter Bean and Wayne Franklin.

So, basically, if the Yankees are able to make a major deal to, say, help themselves in CF (or somewhere else), they're going to have to deal Pavano - or someone else who they don't want to deal like Shawn Chacon, Robinson Cano, or Chien-Ming Wang. Or, they're going to have to part with one of the few true jewels in the farm system.

This tells me to be prepared for one of two things. Either the Yankees will not be making any stunning trades this winter or someone will be traded who was a player that they would have kept under normal circumstances.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at December 6, 2005 04:48 PM


I hope that they reconsider and trade Pavano. He is a league average starter and is grossly overpaid for that role. The Yankees could kick in $9 million in salary relief (thus making him even more attractive) and they still would be well ahead in terms of payroll. That would expecially be the case if they traded him for a young cheap CF like Reed or Granderson.

It would be a slight risk in terms of rotation depth to trade him, but the Yankees had to scramble last year and that worked out well with Chacon and Small. They should assume that risk again for a good CF.

If Pavano is not even league average in 2006, then he won't have any value at all next year. Now is the time to trade him.

Posted by: jonm [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 6, 2005 05:55 PM

What are the "normal circumstances" under which a prospect traded for real value would be kept? I disagree with your premise that any prospect of interest to other organizations is "too good" to trade. You *have* to give up value to get value. I don't have any specifics in mind, nor am I particularly advocating for the trading of prospects. But it is a simple fact that if you want to see the Yankees make a significant acquisition via trade, you have to be prepared to say goodbye to someone with upside. You're just not likely to get something for nothing.

Posted by: Carla Levy [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 6, 2005 06:03 PM

That's my point. To get, you have to give.

So, if it's a Eric Duncan or Phil Hughes that everyone wants, because they have good prospect status, that you have to consider trading them to make the deal happen. Whereas, under "normal circumstances" - say, where you don't have to trade to find a starting CF - that's where you keep them.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 6, 2005 11:16 PM

Steve, any players drafted in June 2005 are not tradeable until after the 2006 draft.

Posted by: Don [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 7, 2005 02:35 AM

Thanks Don - I guess they could be PTBNL 'tho.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 7, 2005 11:11 AM

The league will not allow them to be PTBNL, at least not this early. The league does know who those PTBNL are.

Posted by: Don [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 7, 2005 01:33 PM

Don, you're wrong. The PTBNL ploy can be used to trade someone who's been drafted/signed within the last 12 months. The player is "named" and officially acquired on his anniversary date. The only restriction is that this can only be done in interleague trades...you cannot do this within a league. Strange rule but that's how it works.

Posted by: JohnnyC [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 7, 2005 04:47 PM