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September 20, 2005

As The Worm Turns

I have to confess that there's a small, semi-paranoid, pinstriped-part of me that's worried about the "worm."

Prior to 2004, for 86 years, when it came to Yankees-Red Sox, the Yankees had fortune always smile upon them. Of course, we all know what happened in the ALCS last year - when the worm turned.

Now, what if the worm has decided not to turn back, and the Yankees are operating this season under the worm that turned last season? Could this latest surge by New York all be part of the plan of last year's worm? Is this a set-up? Is the goal to get the Yankees with a one-game lead going into the final series and then have them get swept by the Sox?

Maybe this is true? Maybe 2004 was not enough to satisfy the worm and he wants more food in 2005? There would be no better topping to the 2004 ALCS, from the Sox' worm's perspective, than having the New York rug pulled out at the last minute in 2005.

I hope this is nothing. Still, the thought does reside with me - albeit at a small level. I wonder if any other Yankees fans out there are fearing the same?

Posted by Steve Lombardi at September 20, 2005 02:00 PM


Me? No.

Curse or no, it was only a matter of time before the Red Sox got the upper hand. It's the law of averages.

Posted by: Raf at September 20, 2005 02:47 PM

SL, that's why the Yanks must win 8 or 9 (or 10) out of their next 10...to put the maximum pressure on a faltering Red Sox team with the goal of making the last series meaningless.

This would prevent "worm turning"-related random blind luck from hurting the Yanks in an all important 3 game series at Fenway.

The Sox are 5-6 in their last 11...If CS loses tonight, it's within the realm of possibility that they completely collapse. But win or lose, the pressure is on Boston...no longer are they the carefree Cowboy Up team chasing the Yanks and the Wild Card....

Posted by: Jason O. at September 20, 2005 03:04 PM

10 out of 10 would be awesome - but, it's a dream too. 8 of 10 would be great. Anything less than 7 of 10 is unacceptable.

Going 6-4 would set things up just the way the worm wants it - assuming he has not turned.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at September 20, 2005 03:19 PM

One game at a time, Steve. One...game...at...a...time :-)

Posted by: Jen at September 20, 2005 04:15 PM

I know, it's just so hard not to think about that last series.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at September 21, 2005 12:04 AM

I know, it's just so hard not to think about that last series.

Tell me about it... I've been thinking of it for a while.

Of course, heading up to the Jake would be pretty interesting. AND I may be able to score a ticket to that series. But, the Cardinals are closing out Busch Stadium, and I can get tickets to that Friday's game.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Posted by: Raf at September 21, 2005 12:30 PM