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August 05, 2005

The Remaining Schedule

Yankees currently trail Boston by 4.5 games.

Boston has 55 games left and the Yankees have 56 remaining.

The difference is a game that the Yankees had rained out in Baltimore on June 29th. And, I'm guessing that game will be made up on 9/26 during the second to last series of the season - when the Yankees return to Baltimore. This hurts the Yankees because the last series of the season in the big one in Fenway - and, who wants to have pitchers tapped out for that one?

On the plus side for the Yankees is that the Oakland A's are playing better. Because of this, about two-thirds of the Red Sox remaining games are against tough teams (whereas only about half of the Yankees games left are against tough teams). But, then again, Oakland would also be an issue for the Yankees with respect to the Wild Card chase, if needed.

New York's remaining schedule is about an even split in terms of "where" with 27 at home and 29 on the road. Boston has an advantage here because 30 of their 55 left will be played at Fenway.

Of course, the biggest games remaining will be the 6 games that this teams have head-to-head (with three in each city).

Suppose that the Yankees take two of three in each of those series - which would be tough, but, it's also the best that the Yankees could hope for, in my opinion. This would only gain the Yankees 2 games in the standings. Therefore, they still would need to pick up that other 2.5 games somewhere else on the schedule.

The key team in all of this might just be the Toronto Blue Jays. Starting tonight, the Yankees play the Blue Jays 13 times from here until the end of the season. And, Boston has to play them 7 times. Toronto is trying to get into the AL East race as well. So, they will be up for these games.

When it's all said and done, it will be interesting to see how New York and Boston did with these Toronto games - and how it impacts the final standings.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at August 5, 2005 11:37 AM


I care little about opposing records, and who the Sox play.

If we don't start winning..and winning FAST....it will all be meaningless.

If the Yankees don't make the wild card- I would LOVE to see the Jays make it and I can't name 6 starters on their team....and Halliday is coming back soon.

Posted by: philly phil at August 5, 2005 05:01 PM