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August 01, 2005

Pavano Wishes He Was A Tiger?

From Newsday yesterday:

The Yankees and Carl Pavano both regret their union. Pavano told someone on the Tigers that he wishes he'd gone there. Detroit ... Man, that hurts.

If this is true, this is terrible. It would speak volumes towards Pavano's head and insides. Volumes of bad news.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at August 1, 2005 05:04 PM


Well, it makes him sound like a loser. We'll see what he's worth if healthy, beginning next week. I suspect he wasn't 100% most of this year to date. Or is he just another big million-dollar baby.

Posted by: Don at August 1, 2005 06:32 PM

Hey, I wish he was a Tiger too!

Posted by: JeremyM at August 1, 2005 08:45 PM

I wish I was a little bit taller.

Posted by: Jen at August 1, 2005 10:42 PM

Actually, the bad news came on the day the Yankees signed him! A career sub-.500 pitcher, stuff was not great, didn't really scare anybody at the plate, and couldn't handle the pressures of being in NY. Saying he wasn't healthy after he went out and threw 140 pitches in a complete game against Seattle earlier in the year is funny to me. Was he injured during that stretch? Stop making excuses for the guy. He's not that good.

Posted by: Brad at August 1, 2005 11:48 PM

So, when the Red Sox offered Pavano a deal they were just bluffing cause they knew he would be a bust, right?

Posted by: Jen at August 2, 2005 12:10 AM

Nope. I actually think the Sox wanted him just as much. I'm just thankful they did not go as far overboard to actually get him.

Posted by: Brad at August 2, 2005 12:24 AM

According to reports at the time, the Red Sox offered at least as much as the Yankees for Pavano (if not slightly more), but Pavano preferred the Yankees. So I don't know if the Red Sox get any credit for not going "overboard" in their pursuit of him.

Posted by: Marcus at August 2, 2005 01:46 AM

yeah, I think the money was the same, but there was an extra year with NY. Either way, I'm glad he's yours and not mine. I never wanted him to begin with, and to be completely honest here, I wanted John Leiber over Clement, so shows how much I know. I'm pretty sure it's a guessing game with NL pitchers, and if I was a GM, I would make moves based on interleague game stats alone. I mean, Glavine is a pretty good pitcher in the NL East, but I'm pretty sure he'd be absolutely beaten into submission in the adult league with the garbage he throws. Less on records, and more on potential I think. If you take a guy like Pavano, who had a losing record in Florida, lives around 88-91mph and absolutely needs the slider to work to be successful, and you end up with a pitcher who gets beat half the time he takes the mound. Take a guy like Burnett, who also has a similar record, but has great curve to help out, a better fastball at 96-97mph, and a real good change up, you end up with a guy who has much better potential with a better team in the AL.
Just my thoughts is all. I just don't think Pavano is all he was cracked up to be, and now that the pressure has been put on him, it has become all the more evident he's a 50/50 pitcher.

Posted by: Brad at August 2, 2005 03:47 AM

It was a stupid signing then, it's a stupid signing now.

When in doubt, look at the stats.

Posted by: Raf at August 2, 2005 09:52 AM

Brad's comment about Lieber reminds me of the biggest mistake the Yanks made...losing El Duque.

(Besides hiring David Justice to parrot Ken Singleton, of course)

Posted by: Jason O. at August 2, 2005 10:32 AM

Pavano is our version of Beltran

too much hype based on a small amount of production.

Posted by: philly phil at August 2, 2005 11:25 AM

Anybody else praying that Leiter signs with YES after this year?

Posted by: Dave at August 2, 2005 02:43 PM

He could be the next Kaat.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at August 2, 2005 03:05 PM

Let's give Pavano a break. He was a Yankee fan as a kid, and who knows what he actually said as far as wanting to pitch in Detroit. Maybe the remark had to do with the park. He pitched big in the World Series against the Yanks -- he may yet have a few big games in him this year.

Posted by: Roger at August 2, 2005 05:04 PM

Every pitcher wants to pitch in Comerica National Park. I don't take this Detroit stuff too seriously. I'm sure Pavano would be thrilled pitching meaningless games in August and September and hearing year after year that the Tigers are "really, not that far away" from being a winner.

Posted by: Joel at August 2, 2005 11:12 PM

Every pitcher wants to pitch in Comerica National Park. I don't take this Detroit stuff too seriously. I'm sure Pavano would be thrilled pitching meaningless games in August and September and hearing year after year that the Tigers are "really, not that far away" from being a winner.

Posted by: Joel at August 2, 2005 11:13 PM

The problem does not arise with him having a "few" good outings this year, but rather the Yanks need him to have a lot of good starts this year.
He proved ineffective in the first half, Leiter has 80 pitches in the second inning three of four games, Wright not likely to ever contribute (and since he's a former Brave, the Yanks should have known that from the start), Wang probably not coming back, sooner or later the real Small will show up, Moose and Unit as inconsistent as ever, and Chacon yet to have the chance to be good. See my point? The Yanks MUST have him show up and be great every time out, becuase as the first half of the year has shown, there is no consistency with the Yanks staff.
With the A's winning 30'something of the last 40, Boston slowly pulling away with a nice little 13 game stretch and looking more like a great team every day, they Yanks don't have room to give Pavano a "break because he' grew up a Yankee fan".
I would assume that the Yankees and their fans are tired of cutting guys breaks because of personal problems, stress, or the NY slump.. If Pavano wants respect as a pitcher, and not a NL east - one year phenom, he'll go out and pitch is tail off the second half of this year. Personally, I don't think it's going to happen becasue he's just not good enough, but a "break" is definitely not what Pavano should get. He should get a curveball or changeup to make him a better pitcher, but absolutely not a "break".

Posted by: Brad at August 3, 2005 06:14 AM


The Red Sox "looking more like a great team every day?" Let's not get ahead of ourselves. They've won some games at home against some teams that are in serious trouble. They played the Yankees at Fenway recently. How did that work out?

Their team ERA is higher than the Yankees. Their starting staff is nothing to write home about. Outside of Timlin, they have no reliable bridge to Schilling. And I will gladly take my chances with Schilling at the back of the bullpen.

The Yankees dug themselves a huge hole in April that will make the next two months very challenging. But this Red Sox team is a far cry from the 2004 club.

See you in September.

Posted by: Joel at August 3, 2005 01:56 PM

If I had no frontal lobe I may agree with you, but since the fact remains that I do, I won't.
I agree the Yanks won three of four in Fenway after the break, but what happened in the Bronx a few weeks before that? These two teams ever playing each other is no true litmus test, ever. If they played 40 times year, chances are both are right around .500.
Also Joel, the "huge hole" the Yankees have dug themselves into during April, have already been overcome! They had a lead in the division, albeit for only about 15 hours, but a lead nonetheless. Now they've dug it again! Or is it that no matter how good they play, they can't gain ground with the sox winning all the time? Do you think when you write?
As far as the Red Sox beating up on bad teams, didn't the Yankees have that opportunity the entire first half of the season, you moron?
They did get Tampa 9 times, KC and The Brew Club for three, the Mets (for Christ's sake, the Mets) for three, and on, and on.... The Yankees got their tails handed to them by those same bad teams that the Red Sox are beating up on now.
FWIW, the Sox have played the Angels twice, Texas twice, Chichago White Sox, The Braves, and Cleveland twice, and won all of those series, so where is your argument now? Id hardly call winning two of three from the team with the best record in baseball and sweeping the twinkies fresh off a nice win in NY is playing bad teams. I'd agree with TB, but don't they have a winning record against NY, not to mention a 4game sweep of the mighty bombers in the Bronx? Also, didn't KC sweep the Yanks too?
If you are going to write stupid things, I'm going to treat you like you are stupid.
How is it that you are planning to win anything with that pitching staff? And you wanna comment on mine, you idiot? At least the Red Sox are composed of guys with big league experience. I'm not depending on Al Leiter and Wayne Franklin and Small to get it done. Oh, I almost forgot Mussina, who implodes more than any otther pitcher in the big leagues. Any comment on Leiter and Mussina lately there Joel? Fact is I have a better all around staff and you know it. Clement is better than Mussina, Bronson is better than everyone else behind him, and Wells is better than Mussina as well. If not for Marino, no, your team ERA is way more than Bostons. Nice try though.
The Red Sox have won seven of seven, and fourteen of sixteen, so saying that they are not coming together is just as stupid as the rest of your post.
Go stand in traffic Joel, and save us the bullshit.
Like Candy from the Baby.

Posted by: Brad at August 3, 2005 11:28 PM

Marino = Mariano

Dummies make me mad.

Posted by: brad at August 3, 2005 11:33 PM

Brad - how can anyone take you seriously when you are rude and disrespectful?

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at August 4, 2005 07:47 AM

//Fact is I have a better all around staff and you know it.//

Um, are you Terry Francona? YOU don't anything except a team to root for.

Posted by: Jen at August 4, 2005 12:46 PM

(put a "have" between don't and anything)

Posted by: Jen at August 4, 2005 11:08 PM

sorry, lost my temper there. I just hate the spin that some try to put on things, and everyone here should know that I am amost always respectful and curteous to other's views. Just can't stand the spin is all.

Posted by: Brad at August 4, 2005 11:45 PM