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June 19, 2005

June 19th vs. The Cubs

When I see the Yankees play as well as they did in their win today, and as well as they have played in the last week, I cannot understand exactly what happened in that 12-game road trip that preceded this homestand. It's a math equation that just does not balance. I guess that's why the call this game baseball and not algebra.

What this win today does, for me, is that it gives Sean Henn a lot less pressure tomorrow. This is not like it was seven weeks ago. The team has just won six in a row, and, in the start following Henn, the Yankees have the Big Unit ready to go.

It will be interesting to see how Henn handles this great opportunity.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at June 19, 2005 04:25 PM


OK- before we start talking about being three games back and sweeping the Orioles...let's just put a few things in persepctive...I can't help but play devils advocate.....

1) they should have lost 1 to the Pirates- thanks ump
2) they swept a Cubs team without facing Wood or Prior.
3) we have seen a bigger winning streak before and look what happened afterwards

That being said....yes- this finally looks like the team that we have been expecting all year...the fact that we won today with no HR's is an even better sign.

Two outs- A-Rod reaches on an error- steals second, and scores on a base hit...if I had a dollar for each one of those scenarios since 1996...

On a side note- I almost felt bad that Michael Kay didn't announce Jeters Grand Slam. For about the last 2 or 3 seasons, everytime Jeter got up with the bases loaded- Kay seemed to "set up" his commentary in a way where he is ready to deliver that "special" call in Jeter's career...and low and behold- he ends up doing it on Fox!! sorry Kay.

So- here is what I think would have happened

MK: "And the bases are loaded for Derek Jeter...who as you know, has not hit a grand slam in his career. Wouldn't it be a special treat for the 55,000 in attendance on this glorious afternoon in the Bronx to witness another highlight in the resume of the captain- Derek Jeter. Dark Blue interlocking NY on his helmet"

Mercer (thinking) Shut up michael you cheeseball

MK: "Here's the pitch- and there it goes..deeeeeeep to Left center field...Hollandsdworth going back....at the track.....looking up...SEE YA! SEE YA! A GRAND SLAM by the Captain...oh boy...what else can this guy do? A loooong homerun into the yankee bullpen. He is officially off the schneid and the yankees take a 7-1 lead....oh my- what a moment for the Yankee Short Stop"

Mercer: are you finished yet?

Kay then launches into a one-liner like this "Boy bobby- this guy has some bright future doesn't he?...heh heh heh"

Mercer: can I go home now?

Posted by: Phil at June 19, 2005 11:06 PM

Nice use of "off the schneid." I take it you listen to his radio show as well. (Or has he been using that phrase on broadcasts too?)

Posted by: Jen at June 19, 2005 11:53 PM

his radio show is OK, a welcomed brake to Mike and the Mad Dog, who at times are downright rude and annoying...Kay's just become a bit predictable with his come-backers, and some of his act is a bit stale.

but he knows his sports, and seems generally down to earth on the air.

Posted by: Phil at June 20, 2005 12:07 AM

Your right about him knowing his sports. I enjoy the interviews he does too. He can get into prima donna mode though. He had his producer fired (from the show, not ESPN) for an April Fool's joke played on him this year.

Posted by: Jen at June 20, 2005 12:36 AM

Man, was he pissed that day. I was listening. When he said "We'll be right back" and then said nothing about the joke when they came back to the air, I knew someone was getting fired on that one.

The boys on WFAN roasted him good on that one - calling it a High School play. I felt bad, because Kay really seemed to know nothing about it.

The poor guy took calls for 20 minutes on that Piaaza-Sosa trade story, and even shot down people saying it must be a joke.

That was something.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at June 20, 2005 09:41 AM