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May 04, 2005

May 4th @ The Devil Rays

The difference between pitching in Triple-A and the majors is huge. Therefore, the difference between Double-A and the bigs is even greater. Sean Henn can't be blamed for tonight. Whoever made the choice to start him should be blamed. Henn still has a good shot at a future as a major league starter. He just needs more time in the minors - especially at Triple-A.

Yankees are now 11-17 on the year. In order for NY to win 100 games this year, they would have to win 2 out of every 3 games for the rest of the season. In order to win 90 games this season, they would have to win 3 out of every 5 games for the rest of the year.

This squad is starting to look like an 85-win team, at best.

But, to get to that point, they're going to need an exorcism or enema first - or perhaps both - because they way they're going now, they'll be lucky to win 75 games this season.

Posted by Steve Lombardi at May 4, 2005 10:33 PM


What bothers me is the lack of emotion this team shows. It's as if they don't care.

The other bothersome thing is that these are the Devil Rays they're losing too. I'm so sick of hearing about it "only being May" and "they can turn it around". It's not as if these are the Sox or the Angels or the Twins. The Yankees are getting beaten badly by the bottom of the barrel.

Posted by: JJay at May 5, 2005 08:23 AM

If you think this is bad, just wait until the Mets series that is coming up.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi at May 5, 2005 10:06 AM

Quite a few pitchers IIRC make the jump from AA to the bigs - but they are usually the stars like Dave Stieb

Posted by: Wahoo Sam at May 10, 2005 02:10 PM